Let the Living Water flow!
Friends serving God's purposes


Drawing inspiration from speakers and threads running through the World Conference, the Living Water theme is deeply spiritual, and a call for renewal. Jesus offered Living Water to the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4: 7-14): whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life. (see also Jeremiah 2:13.)

From Noah Baker-Merrill, New England Friend and a keynote speaker: The gathered people felt living water flowing around them. They were opened to the Truth Who holds us all, the true Liberation and Love always available to each of us. They stood together in the power of an endless Life. Their hearts knew that God is Real.

The Living Water is also a practical expression for the ecological concerns of Friends worldwide, recognizing water as a precious and increasingly scarce resource. The “Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice”, appended to the World Conference Epistle, offers: “We dedicate ourselves to let the living waters flow through us.”

This theme, then, is a call to act. As Kenyan Friend Esther Mombo cautioned in her keynote address, we can’t be so heaven-minded that we are useless on Earth. Noah Baker-Merrill: we have no time but this present time in which to be faithful.

How do we keep the water flowing in both the spiritual and the physical?

We find additional foundations for the theme in:
Philippians 2:13: For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure
Isaiah 6:8: Here I am. Send me!
James 1: 22-25: But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.

Hymns reflecting the theme:
Breathe on me Breath of God
Spirit of the Living God

And in other keynote messages.


Local gatherings bring the 6th World Conference of Friends home to the Americas. June 2012 - April 2013

May 17-26: Central America. With Robin Mohr, Executive Secretary of FWCC Section of the Americas.

  • Friday, May 17: Workshop for women of the Holiness Friends Church on the theme: Woman: Fount of Living Water, Servant of God. In Chiquimula, Guatemala.
  • Saturday & Sunday, May 18-19: Youth Conference, National Evangelical Friends Church, in Puerto Barrios Izabal, Guatemala
  • Tuesday, May 21: Living Water conference at the Ambassador Friends Church in Chiquimula, Guatemala
  • Thursday, May 23: Living Water conference with the Yearly Meeting of Friends in Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras
  • Friday, May 24: Workshop for women of the Evangelical Friends Church: Woman: Fount of Living Water, Servant of God. in San Ignacio, El Salvador
  • Sunday, May 26: Workshop for women of the Evangelical Friends Church: Woman: Fount of Living Water, Servant of God. In Soyapango, San Salvador, El Salvador

June 7-9, 2013: Camp Neekaunis, Ontario, Canada: Water in the Desert: the Inward Journey to Global Transformation. With Minga Claggett-Borne and Jonathan Vogel-Borne of New England YM. The Living Water program is offered as part of the joint Half Yearly Meeting gathering for Friends in Central Canada.

Friends outside of Canadian YM are invited to attend. Registration deadline is May 24th.

Download full information and registration form here (12 pages).
Click here for short version with essential details.

For information contact Virginia Dawson.

Download the Living Water Study Book here, or read it online as a flip book.

September 8, 2012: Michigan. Friends of the Light, Traverse City. With Noah Baker Merrill of New England YM.

September 10: Minnesota. Minneapolis Friends Meeting, MN. With Noah Baker Merrill of New England YM.

September 11: Pennsylvania. Gwynedd Monthly Meeting, Gwynedd, PA. With Kenya Casanova Sales, of the Yearly Meeting of the Friends Church (Quakers) in Cuba.

September 12: New Jersey. Medford Monthly Meeting, Medford, NJ. With Kenya Casanova Sales, of the Yearly Meeting of the Friends Church (Quakers) in Cuba.

September 16: Virginia. Langley Hill Friends Meeting, McLean, VA. With Kenya Casanova Sales, of the Yearly Meeting of the Friends Church (Quakers) in Cuba.

September 18: Maryland. Baltimore Monthly Meeting - Stony Run, Baltimore, MD. With Kenya Casanova Sales, of the Yearly Meeting of the Friends Church (Quakers) in Cuba.

November 10-11: Wisconsin. Madison Friends Meeting.
With Brian Young of Berkeley Friends Church.

November 14: Texas. Angleton Friends Church. With Karen Gregorio de Calderon.

November 15: Texas. Friendswood Friends Church. With Karen Gregorio de Calderon.

November 16: Texas. Iglesia Amigos de San Antonio. With Karen Gregorio de Calderon.

November 17: Nueva Rosita, Coahuila Mexico. Iglesia Amigos de Nueva Rosita. With Karen Gregorio de Calderon.

November 18: Agujita, Coahuila Mexico. Iglesia Amigos de Agujita. With Karen Gregorio de Calderon.

November 29-December 9: Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, La Paz and El Alto, Bolivia. With Odalys Hernández and Heredio Santos.

February 2, 2013: Wilmington, Ohio. Wilmington Friends Meeting. With Minga Claggett-Borne and Jonathan Vogel-Borne.

March 1-6: Wichita, Emporia & Haviland, Kansas. With Karen Patricia & Jose Luis Calderon (Guatemala Holiness YM).

March 8-10: Carlisle, Fairfield & Mt Pleasant, Iowa. With Karen Patricia & Jose Luis Calderon (Guatemala Holiness YM).

March 9-10: Miami, Forida. With Ramon Gonzalez Longoria (Cuba YM)

March 16: Morgantown, Indiana. With David Millar, Cristela Martinez, John Fitzgerald, Emma Condori, Howie Baker.

March 22-24: Denver, Colorado. With Ramon Gonzalez Longoria (Cuba YM)

March 23: Portland, Maine. With Simon Lamb and John Fitzgerald (Ireland YM)

March 23: Memphis, Tennessee: with David Millar (Canadian YM) and Cristela Martinez (El Salvador YM)

March 27-30: Southern California (East Whittier Friends Church, Santa Monica Friends Meeing, Orange Grove Friends Meeting): with Ramon Gonzalez Longoria (Cuba YM)

April 5-7: Portland, Oregon. With Esther Mombo (Nairobi YM)

April 11-14: Greensboro, NC. With Esther Mombo.


Esther Mombo is a lecturer and deputy Vice Chancellor Academics at St Paul’s university Limuru, Kenya. It is here that she teaches African church history and theologies from women’s perspectives. She was born and brought up in a Quaker home with her grandmother the late Enis Mugesia who was among the first Quaker converts in her village. Enis served in the women’s meetings and was one of three or four women who carried out prison ministry among female prisoners. Esther was influenced by Enis Mugesia in her early days and in her choice of ministry that she undertook in theological education for herself and for the work she does today.Esther Mombo

Her highly-regarded writings have been on such diverse topics as women’s issues, HIV/AIDS, Christian-Muslim relations, and poverty in Africa. She has contributed in the development of different programmes including a first Masters Program in Christian Response to HIV/AIDS and others. She has made significant contributions to developing women’s ecclesial leadership through theological training and contributed to different books including A Historical Analysis of the roles and status of Abaluyia women in Kenyan Quaker Christianity 1902-1979 and Harahamisi and Juma: The Development of the Women’s Meetings in East Africa Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers).

She has spoken in different conferences in different Christian denominations, including the World conference of friends Kenya 2012. She is a graduate of Friends Theological college, St. Paul’s, Limuru; Trinity College, Dublin; and Edinburgh University. She says, "Society is changing and has crucial issues that affect humanity. As a theological educator I hope to inform the work that women do."

Jonathan Vogel Borne and Minga Claggett Borne Jonathan is a life-long Quaker now completing 21 years of service on the staff of New England Yearly Meeting. His call to ministry among Friends is based in the direct experience of our deeper unity in God's love out of which clear, Spirit-led action for the planet's healing arises. He and his spouse, Minga Claggett-Borne have just returned from Israel-Palestine on a delegaM & J tion with Christian Peacemaker Teams.
Minga Claggett-Borne is a 13th generation Quaker from the Chesapeake Bay. She works as a psychotherapist and does non-violence trainings in prisons. She is clerk of membership committee at Friends Meeting at Cambridge and serves on Ministry and Counsel of New England YM. She recently has traveled among Friends in Kenya (FWCC World Conference), in Palestine (Ramallah Friends) and in Guatemala. She writes the pedalseeds.net blog which is a new-fangled version of a Quaker journal.
Jonathan and Minga both attended the Sixth World Conference of Friends in Kenya; Jonathan served as the gathering’s Treasurer and Minga as a workshop leader. They are the parents of two adult sons.

RamonRamon Gonzalez Longoria is a leader in the Friends church in Cuba for many years. He received theological degree from the Matanzas Evangelical Seminary in Cuba, and is pastor at the Gibara Friends Church. Ramon has served the Yearly Meeting of the Friends Church in Cuba as clerk and in other capacities. He is enthusiastic about a new project of the yearly meeting: the Cuban Quaker Peace Institute, which he leads as director. The institute held its first classes in January 2013. Ramon has traveled internationally on behalf of various Quaker organizations. He was recently named Clerk of the Friends World Committee. Ramon has four adult children and is married to Rosario.

John Fitzgerald worships at Central Edinburgh (Scotland) Quaker Meeting. He JohnFaffectionately refers to his meeting of membership, Richhill Preparative Meeting (Ireland YM) as the place where he grew up and felt loved and welcomed by evangelical Friends who put up with his incessant sceptical questioning in Sunday School. He later spent three months living with Friends in Tanzania. In his early to mid-twenties, he clerked the European committee which organized the 2005 World Gathering of Young Friends, and spoke regularly at London Quaker Quest on the topics of Simplicity and God. More recently, John has been designing and running courses on Good Quaker Communication at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre and blogging about his Quaker faith. John has been a member of the FWCC Central Executive Committee since 2007, and also serves FWCC as clerk of its Young Adult Friends Committee. He is the oncoming development coordinator for Friends of the Earth Scotland and graduate philosophy student and teaching assistant at the University of Edinburgh.

Simon C. Lamb is also a member of Richhill Preparative Meeting, where he is now an elder. SimonLHe runs a bakery. Growing up in the Evangelical unprogrammed tradition of Ulster Friends has deeply influenced Simon’s faith over the years. Throughout his adult life, Simon has also been deeply involved with Friends internationally. He was clerk of the European committee of the World Gathering of Young Friends in 1985. He has given the Yearly Meeting lectures in Finland, Central and Southern Africa, and Ireland, and in 2000 he gave the keynote address at the FWCC Triennial in New Hampshire. A member of FWCC’s Central Executive Committee, recently Simon was appointed as the new assistant clerk of FWCC.

Cristela Martinez. Raised by her grandmother after her mother left to seek better CrisMopportunities in the USA, Cristela Martinez found Christ at the age of twelve and has followed Him ever since. After her grandmother died, she says, “I found myself alone and abandoned, without knowing where to go or with whom to live.  God was more real to me in that moment than ever before. Throughout my life many other things have happened, and I’ve faced many situations in which He has been the only one I have had.”  Cristela has held leadership roles within her yearly meeting in El Salvador, as clerk of young Friends and as assistant clerk of the yearly meeting.  She received her university degree in English and has used her skills with international Christian organizations in her country as well as with Friends World Committee.  She is an at-large member of FWCC’s Central Executive Committee and serves on the Section of the Americas Bilingual Communications committee.  In 2010 she led FWCC Section of the Americas workshops in Peru on the theme of the Sixth World Conference ‘Being Salt and Light.”  Cristela works as an English teacher, and enjoys listening to music, preaching and teaching young people in her church. 


David Millar of Canadian YM describes himself as “ a retired university professor (history / social sciences / humanities) and fulltime unpaid environmental agitator & web designer for several organizations.   In 2006 he moved back to Montreal after 37 years out west.  He authors two environmental blogs: Toward an eco-economy and Ecojustice.  David led the discussion at the Sixth World Conference of Friends in Kenya on the Global Change initiative and which resulted in the Kabarak Call for Peace and EcoJustice.

Brian Young grew up in the unprogrammed tradition and has spent his aduBrian_Younglt life among pastoral Friends. He is a 2008 graduate of the Earlham School of Religion and is entering his fifth year of service as pastor at Berkeley (CA) Friends Church, part of Western Association of Friends. His recent article, "Finding the Words" appears in theSeptember/October 2012 issue of Quaker Life. Brian is married to Stephanie Strait and they live in Berkeley with Mordecai the pug dog and Violet the tabby cat.
Read Brian's article in Quaker Life.


Kenya Casanova Sales, of the Yearly Meeting of the Friends Church (Quakers) in Cuba, Kenya Casanovahas traveled broadly as part of Friends World Committee for Consultation’s governing body, the Central Executive Committee. She is a member of Puerto Padre Friends Meeting. She has served the meeting as recording clerk, clerk, member of the Pastoral Care committee and is currently clerk of the Christian Education committee. She is also the recording clerk of Cuba Yearly Meeting and a current member of the Executive Committee of the FWCC Section of the Americas. Kenya is married, with a 14 year old son, and has been a dentist for 18 years.  Her reflections on the Sixth World Conference were published in a recent issue of Quaker Life magazine. Read her article.

Noah Baker Merrill seeks to be faithful in the living Quaker tradition of gospel ministry - Noah Baker Merrillthe practical spiritual work of encouraging faithfulness and awakening hearts. Putney Friends Meeting (VT) has released him for service encouraging the future of Friends. Noah is an associate with Good News Associates and a founding board member of Quaker Voluntary Service. In 2009, Utne Reader magazine recognized him as one of "50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World." Noah presented a plenary worship address for the almost 1,000 Friends (Quakers) attending the Sixth World Conference of Friends in Kenya, in April 2012. Read his message here.

Karen Patricia & Jose Luis Calderon are active members of the Guatemala Holiness CalderonsFriends Yearly Meeting in Chiquimula.  From an early age they have both served in leadership roles working with children, youth and adults.  Karen and Jose Luis met through the church and were married in 2008. They have dedicated their lives to the Lord and currently are leading a new project called “New Light” which they began after their return from the Sixth World Conference of Friends in Kenya, held in April 2012. This project trains economically disadvantaged women to make handicrafts that they can sell to earn income to support their families. They also recently started the Alternatives to Violence Program (AVP) training, with support from other Friends, which is bringing good results into the community.  Their future plans include a broad-based program for children vulnerable to domestic violence. They have recently felt called to do God’s work by leading workshops and conferences on the theme Let the Living Water Flow! Friends Serving God’s Purposes.  

In his professional life Jose Luis works as a junior marketing executive. He received his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and completed post graduate studies in Human Resources.  Karen teaches university studies in economics and works as a consultant for a personnel training and development organization that serves companies in the industrial, commercial and service sectors the region.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and post graduate degree in Re-engineering and Insurance Technologies.  Karen feels that in this way God has allowed her to serve her country by contributing to its economic development.

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