Wider Quaker Fellowship

This ministry of literature lifts up the voices of Friends of different countries, languages, and Quaker traditions, and points to the heart of our beliefs. Join us in an informal fellowship connecting Friends with one another and with those of other faiths—or of no faith. We connect our readers with other Quaker groups as well through materials included in one of our packets and by answering inquiries.

How do I participate?

Ask to be put on our mailing list and tell us something about your personal spiritual journey and why you are interested in Quakerism. You may receive either printed copies of the materials by postal mail, or if you prefer, request that we notify you by email when they have been posted on the web site, so you can read them online or download them as pdf files. Feel free to refer a friend, family member, acquaintance or members of your meeting, church or other group.

What does Wider Quaker Fellowship publish?

  • Two English-language pamphlet selections (late Spring and Fall) printed and posted online
  • A Fall appeal containing the Motto Calendar
  • An annual Spanish-language mailing

A typical group of selections contains short writings presenting different aspects of Quaker faith, practice and spirituality. A letter from the clerk introduces the writing and may offer news of people in the Wider Quaker Fellowship and activities in the Quaker world.

How is the Fellowship funded?

We rely on contributions from our readers and other supporters. Though many of our participants worldwide cannot contribute regularly, your contribution honors the spirit of fellowship, allowing us to continue to send our message around the world.

How can I contribute?

Please note that fifteen percent of WQF income goes towards FWCC's costs in administering the program. Please consider supporting WQF in addition to regular support for FWCC's general budget.

To send a check:

In the United States send your tax-deductible gift, made payable to FWCC and designated for WQF or to Wider Quaker Fellowship, to:

1506 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

European Union donors can send checks in £ sterling payable to FWCC, with a note designating the gift for WQF to:

173 Euston Road
London NW1 2AX

Canadian donors can send tax-deductible gifts, payable to Canadian Yearly Meeting and earmarked for WQF via:

Canadian Yearly Meeting
91A Fourth Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 2L1

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