Wider Quaker Fellowship

After seventy-nine years of sharing Quaker faith and fellowship around the globe, the program known as the Wider Quaker Fellowship is coming to an end. We hope you have enjoyed the readings of Friends’ testimony throughout the years.

You will still be able to access our library of pamphlets online at VoicesOfFriends.org. The Friends World Committee for Consultation will also continue to maintain the directory of Friends meetings and churches, as part of its continuing mission to bring together Friends of varying traditions and cultural experiences.

Listed below are several Quaker organizations that keep people connected to the life and thought of the Religious Society of Friends. Many of them did not exist when the WQF was founded, and now they are doing this work more effectively and sustainably. We have contacted them, and in some cases, have secured special offers for former WQF subscribers. We hope some of these organizations are able to meet your needs.

We hope you will continue to be a part of FWCC’s family. We are beginning some new and exciting programs to connect Friends in the Americas. I encourage you tosign up for our monthly electronic newsletter.

If you would like to continue receiving mailed information from FWCC, please sign up for our e-newsletter!

We appreciate your interest and support of the Wider Quaker Fellowship over the years. If you would like to support our continuing work to connect Friends, cross cultures and change lives, we invite your continued financial support for FWCC.

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Pendle Hill Pamphlets


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