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Four Prayers from In The Manner of the Lord's Prayer

Author: Judy Brutz
Summary: Poems, prayerful meditations, using structure and imagery from the Lord's Prayer. The author is a recorded minister from Iowa (FUM) Yearly Meeting, currently living in Ohio.
Country: USA
WQF publication year: 1992
Publisher: Friends Family Service Publications

Let The Living Water Flow! Study Booklet

Author: FWCC Americas
Summary: The booklet contains a number of excerpts, activities and songs that reflect on aspects of the theme by Friends from a variety of Quaker cultures. Each piece comes from the authentic experience of a member of our worldwide family of Friends, each seeking to be faithful according to the Light he or she has been given.
Country: USA
WQF publication year: 2013
Publisher: FWCC Americas

On Prayer for Others-and Ourselves (and) Walking with God

Author: Peter Blood-Patterson, Haynes, John M.
Summary: Two articles from Friends Journal; (1) Thoughts about intercessory prayer; (2) thoughts about the nature of the Divine or God and what it means when we pray to that being.
Country: USA
WQF publication year: 2001
Publisher: Friends Publishing Corporation

Open Worship

Author: Stan Thornburg
Summary: Pamphlet prepared for pastoral Friends of Reedwood Friends Church, Northwest YM, about how Friends in silent meetings stay spiritually centered with listening hearts to hear the messages of others and decide when they have received a message that needs to be shared.
Country: USA
WQF publication year: 1998
Publisher: Quaker Life

Quaker Contributions for the New Millenium

Author: Jay Marshall
Summary: Quaker Lecture at Western YM, Aug. 1999. Dean of Earlham School of Religion gives thoughts on what Quakers have to offer the world as it enters the third millennium after Christ.
Country: USA
WQF publication year: 2002
Publisher: WQF

Quest (Five): Personal Religious Thought

Author: Josephine Whitney Duveneck
Summary: Observations on staying spiritually centered; she ends with nine prayers of varying lengths.
Country: USA
WQF publication year: 1982
Publisher: William Kaufmann, Inc.

Resurrect My Voice

Author: Nancy Thomas
Summary: Poems by the Evangelical Friends missionary, some in the form of prayers for guidance and insight into what God's will is for her life.
Country: USA, Bolivia
WQF publication year: 1996
Publisher: The Barclay Press

Teach Me Your Way, Oh Lord

Author: Tom Gates, Gates, Liz
Summary: Bible study presented at Sunday morning worship at the 21st Triennial of FWCC in New Zealand; looking for lessons in the Bible on how to be faithful witnesses to our faith in the 21st century.
Country: USA
WQF publication year: 2004
Publisher: WQF

The Gift of God Which Is Within Thee

Author: Pleasaunce Holtom, Palpant, Judy
Summary: Reprints from three Friends publications. Inspirational stories about how Friends live out their faith and help others.
Country: UK, Kenya, Aotearoa-New Zealand
WQF publication year: 1980
Publisher: WQF

The Power of Words: Some Reflections on the Personal Use of the Psalms

Author: Muriel Poulter
Summary: A British Friend, instructor at Woodbrooke, offers thoughts on the Psalms.
Country: UK
WQF publication year: 1982
Publisher: Friends World News

The Transforming Power of the Psalms

Author: Elizabeth F. Meyer
Summary: Author discovered that by taking the verses into memory and into her heart, she found their spiritual power working to transform her according to God's will
Country: Usa
WQF publication year: 2011
Publisher: Wider Quaker Fellowship

The Ways of Prayer: An Introduction

Author: Michael Pennock
Summary: A Catholic educator from Ohio, member of the Wider Quaker Fellowship, shares thoughts about the nature and meaning of prayer.
Country: USA
WQF publication year: 1988
Publisher: Michael Pennock

Under the Tree

Author: Jorge Luis Peña Reyes
Summary: A Christmas season poem by nationally recognized Cuban Quaker poet, in English and the original Spanish
Country: Cuba
WQF publication year: 2012
Publisher: http://vozymirada.blogspot.com

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