Welcome to our library of contemporary Quaker writing. This collection reflects some of the cultural and religious diversity among Friends.

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Being Salt and Light: Excerpts from the Plenary Speeches from the 2012 World Conference of Friends held in Kenya

Author: Friends World Committee for Consultation
Summary: Excerpts from plenary speeches given at the historic World Conference of Friends that took place at Kabarak University in Kenya in April 2012. Over 850 Friends from 51 countries around the world gathered to worship, sing, dance, hear talks, participate in workshops, and learn from each other.
Country: Kenya, Nepal, Philippines, Cuba, New Zealand, Britain, USA, Rwanda, Burundi
WQF publication year: 2013
Publisher: WQF

Journey to Sakartvelo

Author: Greta Mickey
Summary: Chronicle of a visit to the Republic of Georgia, or Sakartvelo, by two Friends who led Alternatives to Violence training there
Country: USA
WQF publication year: 2012
Publisher: Wider Quaker Fellowship

Nourishing the Spiritual Life: Finding Companionship

Author: Paul Lacey
Summary: Friend from Ohio Valley YM offers insights into the meaning of community, including respecting difference while we look for commonalities between people.
Country: USA
WQF publication year: 2006
Publisher: Quaker Home Service, London

Tranforming Hearts, Minds, and Souls: Two Quaker Perspectives

Author: John Edminster, Terri Johns
Summary: Two authors from Friends United Meeting write of their personal experiences on transformation, renewal, love and unity – themes close to the hearts of all members of the Religious Society of Friends
Country: USA
WQF publication year: 2012
Publisher: Wider Quaker Fellowship

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